SynaptaGenX is a patented Neuroadaptagen Amino Acid Therapy that Helps Regulate Cravings, Promotes Optimal Brain Health, Neurotransmitter Balance, Focus and Cognition, Enhanced Energy and Reduced Stress.

  • SynaptaGenX is a result of over 30 years of research, including 23 clinical trials, led by Dr. Kenneth Blum, Ph. D, the pioneer of Amino Acid Therapy for addiction recovery.
  • SynaptaGenX utilizes a patented liposomal technology that maximizes bio-availability.
  • SynaptaGenX is an all-natural Dopamine Agonist, which has been shown in numerous studies to promote Dopamine, as well as Serotonin, and Endorphins, important neurotransmitters responsible for brain reward. SynaptaGenX assists individuals with Reward Deficiency System (RDS) as described by Dr. Kenneth Blum, PH. D. Individuals with RDS are unable to produce an adequate feeling of well-being and consequently often self-medicate with substances that help raise the levels of "feel-good" chemicals (i.e. dopamine) in their system--if only temporarily.
  • SynaptaGenX contains LifeGen's patented KB220Z neuroadaptagen technology, which has been shown to reduce or eliminate excessive desires for unhealthy behaviors and pleasure-inducing substances, including psychostimulant use/abuse, alcohol, and excessive food cravings. The Neuronutrients in SynaptaGenX help promote optimal dopamine function; normalize satiety and pleasure satisfaction from normally enjoyable activities and experiences; improve energy regulation, reduce stress, promote well-being, and increase feelings of happiness.


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